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3.5L smart feeder and 2L water dispenser

3.5L smart feeder and 2L water dispenser

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3.5L smart feeder and 2L water dispenser


Product Description.

【Programmable Design and Flexible Timed Feeding】FIOVIEL Automatic Pet Feeder can adjust the amount of food for each meal, up to 4 meals per day, 1-20 servings per hour. No more pre-dawn wake-up calls and no more worrying about working late at night!

【Secure Twist Lock Storage】FIOVIEL Cat Feeder with automatic twist lock lid keeps dry food crunchy and tasty and prevents food from spilling out when the feeder is knocked over. The visible window allows you to check excess grain and add grain at any time.

【Pets always get food】The cat and dog food dispenser automatically uses a 5V DC adaptor, and when the power goes out, 3 alkaline D batteries (not included) are used to power the automatic cat feeder to ensure your pet always gets food.

【Memory function】Equipped with setting memory to prevent sudden power failure. Automatic food dispenser with memory function, so there is no need to reset the feeding schedule in case of power failure. No more wasting your time.

【10 seconds personalized recording】FIOVIEL automatic pet feeder trains your pet by 10 seconds recording. This helps you call your pet to enjoy their mealtime, while strengthening the bond with your pet through regular feeding. Feel safe and care for your pet.

【Stop sticky pellets】360° non-clogging rotation, mixed piece of soft rubber design, with flexible impeller, so that the seeds process smoothly, eliminating the potential problem of sticky pellets. The basin is also easy to clean and lined with stainless steel for a smooth and durable surface.

【After-sales commitment】If you encounter quality or other problems in the process of use, please contact our after-sales service staff in a timely manner, we will promptly solve for you to your satisfaction.


【4過濾系統】我們的寵物飲水機設計有4個過濾系統(1個高密度棉,1個lon exchange樹脂,1個活化碳和1個高密度棉),過濾后的寵物飲水器為貓,小貓,狗,鳥和其他小型寵物提供健康,新鮮和富氧的瀑布。尺寸:6.3x6.3x5英寸
【大容量】我們的寵物噴泉設計有67oz 2.0L的大容量。建議貓每公斤體重喝約60毫升(2盎司)。例如,大約5公斤的貓,大約飲水量約為300ml(10oz)。貓咪每天的飲水量與貓咪自身的體型、運動能力有關,以及貓咪是否愛乾淨,所以可以根據貓咪不同的用水需求定期補充淡水。

Product Description:2l water feeder

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